Organic vegetables / organic vegetables

The Highland Development Project has supported and focused on growing organic vegetables for a period of 16 years, which includes both local and wild vegetables. Everything that can be grown can be eaten or can be cooked, such as rattan bao, dang dao flowers, sweet, jasmine, bamboo, hokjak, for generating income for the community Most importantly, as a means to sustainability. Which we call this style of agriculture, agroforestry, or generally called forest farming.

Planting and care

Can be planted in the desired area Whether in the home area or in the garden, its strength is drought tolerant and gives greenness all year round, However, if it is planted in a river basin or valley, it will be very good.

Maintenance is not difficult or it makes you feel burdensome. May need to be watered at first to keep roots and plants strong first. After that, it will survive on our own, but one thing is important: we are not chemicals.


The benefits of agroforestry are numerous. It is a family forest, a community forest, a refrigerator that can store fresh food. Reduce the cost of living expenses for being shady As a learning center, study visit As well as an agricultural tourism destination