Fermented Banana Tree Trunk

Fermented vegetables from banana trees are one of innovations which help farmers in terms of saving food production costs. Most materials are easy to find in a household. Fermented banana tree trunks increase the diversity of food for livestock.

How to Make

  1. Chop the banana tree into small pieces.
  2. Mix the chopped bananas with salt and molasses. 
  3. Left the fermentation around 5 days for microbial degradation.

Raw Material and Equipment

  1. 10 banana trees
  2. 1 kg molasses
  3. 1 kg of tablespoon salt
  4. Fermentation tank

To Use Mixture for Breeder

  1. Approximately 1.5 kg mixed food per 1 kg fermented banana.

To Use Mixture for Fattening Pork

  1. Approximately 1 kg mixed food per 1 kg banana tree fermented food.


  1. Increase red meat to pork.
  2. Reduce the cost of purchasing livestock feed.
  3. Improves livestock feed taste, causing pigs to eat more and grow faster.
  4. Increase the variety in livestock feed.
  5. Works as a supplement to livestock.
  6. . Raw materials are easy to find as local ingredients.