Catfish farming and frog farming

Raising catfish and frogs using limited space can also be raised and management is very easy. Family farming Can support both children and adults And suitable for children of school age too Can spend free time Raising catfish and frogs to help ease the burden on parents regarding cost savings. Raising catfish and raising frogs in car tires is good, or cement pipes. Low cost, low water consumption, fast-growing, should be taken care of. Able to use the area to grow vegetables in the kitchen garden is great because When draining water from the fish pond, frog pond Into the vegetable plot as a liquid fertilizer for vegetable gardens as well

The optimal time for catfish and frog farming

May to November of every year in one year, catfish and frog raising up to 5-6 months into winter. Catfish and frogs do not eat, they slow their growth. Or stop eating

Materials and containers used to build ponds for raising catfish and frogs.

There are many types and can be done in a variety of ways as you like, and most importantly, materials can be easily found and convenient in that community, such as soil and car tires, cement ponds, round pipe (cement) ponds.

Low cost catfish and frog raising

Tadpole and catfish are cheap and water-saving. In particular, frog farming requires very little water, grows quickly, catfish and frogs can feed for 5-6 months. Catfish are 7-10 birds per 1 kg weight, they can be sold for 45-60 baht per kilogram, 5 month-raised frogs per 1 kg weight, 90 baht per kilogram.