Services to International Students Interested in Learning and Studying

UHDF receives volunteers from abroad. A couple of questions are answered below: What country do students come from; are all welcome? What conditions should be taken into consideration for coming (ex: study or volunteer interests)? For example, during the months of January to July only, what facilities or expenses are there such as accommodation or food costs? What kind of visa is required?

  • Students and volunteer from all countries and genders aged 20 – 60 years old are welcome;
  • People interested in learning, cultural exchange and ethnic lifestyle;
  • People who want to do research;
  • Individuals interested in social development work;
  • People who develop their potential to raise funds for development;
  • People interested in communication and public relations.
  • The proper visa type would be tourist, research work etc.
  • Duration of stay as appropriate for the activity the subject of interest.
  • Facilities include home appliances, research and learning sites (centers, communities, farmers’ areas, community organizations, networks, etc.)
  • What volunteers and students are responsible for: personal expenses (travel, arrangements, expenses during corporate volunteering, accommodation, travel expenses, meals, visa fees, research costs) and are responsible to follow UHDF community rules.