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UHDP Small Farm and Agroforestry Resource Center 

    From the 14-acre Small Farm Resource Center, UHDP evaluates and demonstrates often overlooked appropriate technologies related to sustainable rural development for resource-poor hilltribe people. With goals of helping to increase upland food sufficiency in addition to equipping hilltribe partners in the sustainable utilization and conservation of surrounding biodiverse tropical forests, opportunities for training and exchange are continually offered at the UHDP Center. Each year, hundreds of trainees and visitors, including hilltribe farmers, technicians from regional development projects, Thai students as well as international students and volunteers, spend from a few hours to a few months at the UHDP Center.


Time for a group shot during an excursion to Uncle Tisae’s agroforest.

Additionally, plant and animal breeding stock are produced at the center in support of community-based sustainable agricultural activities. Much of the plant breeding stock includes increasingly rare native forest species that are needed to supplement UHDP’s village agroforestry programming. Ultimately, this effort equips hilltribe communities to sustainably produce their own seedlings and other agroforest products.

    Besides the evaluation and demonstration of livestock, as well as field and forest crop production systems, the UHDP center has facilities for meetings and trainings and can accommodate lodging for up to 50 short- and long-term trainees and guests.

Harvesting bamboo at the UHDP Center. Hollow tubes are to be cut for use as containers in which to cook rice and curries over an open fire.

Students inspecting the topsoil in an agroforest plot at the UHDP center for insects , earthworms and other fauna which indicate healthy soils.

Visitors preparing foods harvested from fields and agroforest plots at the UHDP center.

A St. Stephan College student trying her hand at winnowing freshly harvested rice at the Ob Sua Waen village.

Resource Center activity


UHDP Small Farm and Agroforestry Resource Center Services:

  • Dorm accommodations – (50 people)
  • Accommodation (Bunk House-2 big rooms, Adobe House 60%-2 rooms with kitchen, Adobe House 40%-2 rooms with kitchen, Wooden House-2 rooms, Red House-1 bedroom with sitting area and kitchen, Guest Room-1 room, tent area
  • Meeting rooms (big hall 100 people and small room 20 people)
  • Meals (local food, ordinary food)
  • Training/Educational Program – Exposure trip, Field Visit about “Upland Community Holistic development” (no practical); within UHDP center and/or to our target villages– Cooking Forest and Local Food– Natural dye, sewing with small machine– Training on Project Cycle Management and other community development principles and methodologies– Activities for children and family; Bird Watching, Organic Farming, Seed savings, Food from the forest, Building Adobe house

    -Short and long term volunteer and internship

For more information regarding services provided by the UHDP Resource Center contact to 

UHDP Resource Center Library

The following are booklets related to sustainable agricuture produced by UHDP. Click on the cover to open a PDF of each booklet and to download a free copy.


Sustainable Agriculture for the Golden Triangle Uplands Series


Sustainable Agriculture for the Golden Triangle


Sustainable Agriculture for the Golden Triangle Uplands Series (Thai Version)


Sustainable Agriculture for the Golden Triangle (Thai Version)

Training Curriculum (pdf format)

Gardening Activity – Composting

Gardening Activity – Manure Tea

Gardening Activity – Natural Pesticides

Gradening Activity – Fermented Plant Juice

SUF Activity – Anthropod

Agroforest Activity – Foods from the Agroforest

Nursery Activity – Transferring