About Us

Corporate vision

“Creating an innovative way of ethnic life on the highlands That is sustainable self-reliant in Southeast Asia “

History of Highland Development Foundation / UHDF

Highland Development Project / UHDP It was established in 1996 by an American missionary family. Teacher Richart And Professors Elaine Burnette (Richard R. and Ellen H. Burnette) from CBF is a public interest organization. Under the Christian Service (Baptist) Foundation of the Church of Thailand By promoting holistic development on the highland For making agroforestry plots Conservation of forest resources, water, and land management Forest conservation and soil conservation Improve agricultural land on highland. Community forest management Backyard farming Saving gender roles and human rights
The year 2021: Highland Development Project / UHDP Changed to the High Floor Development Foundation / UHDF. Today, the Highland Development Foundation / UHDF Has operated under four main areas: environmental promotion Economic, community, human rights, and ethical society in the Southeast Asian area along the border with the disadvantaged. Dara Ang, Lahu, Akha, Karen, and Kachin ethnic groups

Richard R. and Ellen H. Burnette – Founder

Core values of the organization


“Create human rights and ownership. So that the ethnic people on the highland To create natural resources that are stable, prosperous and sustainable “


  1. For the creation of human resources in ethnic groups on the highland To have awareness, protect, conserve, restore and make the most of the natural ecosystem.
  2. In order for the ethnic highlands to be educated Learn enough and have enough. According to the philosophy of sufficiency economy
  3. For being a harmonious citizen Duties, responsibilities, brotherhood, equality, peace, and the universal principle of human rights
  4. To seek ways to cultivate people to have knowledge and morals Ethics and nature
  5. For modification, increase the potential, performance, efficiency, save, make the most of the center’s learning resources.

Promotion Department Project

  1. Project to promote and restore natural resources, soil, water, forest
  2. Human Rights Promotion Program (Natural resource management and access to government services)
  3. Community Waste Promotion (Food Security) and Savings Groups (VSLA) Project
  4. Project for developing youth and women potential for development work
  5. Social and Ethical Promotion Program (Spiritual)

The main project of the center

  1. Learning base development project in the center
  2. Project to produce seedlings and various animal species for promotion work
  3. Experimental projects of various suitable technologies to develop
  4. Project to study the storage of local plant seeds and local rice varieties for research purposes.