Project to promote and restore natural resources, soil, water, forest

Natural resources and environmental problems in Thailand are the degradation of natural resources (soil / water / forest, both limited in quantity and dwindling to near scarcity and quality. Such as forest areas have been reduced and degraded Soil deterioration The rivers and canals are dry and rotten, etc., which is mainly due to the increase in population. Causing the amount of natural resource use to increase until it deteriorates and decreases Rapidly causing climate change And resource crises in countries around the world
1.1Community forest management
The importance of community forests To resolve or alleviate problems that arise Important include Watershed sources affect the occupation of agriculture, household consumption and consumption. Able to prevent and resolve forest fires and haze that threaten forest areas and overall public health.

1.1 Weir preparation

1.2 Fire protection

1.3 Release of fish species

1.4 Afforestation

1.5 Planting seedlings for reforestation

2 Promoting soil conservation plots – soil improvement
Conservation of the soil improves the soil by preventing runoff and helping to hold the soil. Reduce the impact of wind and rain, choose plants that will be planted to cover the soil as a thick leaf. It has many and deep roots like legumes. In addition to stabilizing the soil, it also fixes nitrogen in the air, making the soil more fertile.

3 Promoting agroforestry conversion
Plant propagation
Making agroforestry plots Farming on highlands or degraded areas, such as growing crops in natural forests Degraded forest area Degraded agricultural land, including the use of domesticated animals in the wild Systematic and sustainable harvesting of produce from the forest And use of agricultural land Alternating with allowing it to recover back to the state of the forest Including the creation of an agricultural system that mimics the natural forest ecosystems to create mutual support

3.1 Plant propagation

3.2 Making agroforestry plots