Human Rights Promotion Program (Natural Resource Management and Access to Government Services)

Programs promote and develop community capacities for knowing and understanding their rights pertaining to community development, natural resource management, and access to government services.

Working in community networks connect members so they better carry out activities as appropriate, under the rules and regulations, the common goal, and clear directions. Together networks have a strong identity and increased power.

Network Activities

Follow-Up and Visiting Target Areas

Network Meeting

Meeting to Submit Reports to Royal Forest Department to Resolve Land Conflict

Dara Ang Cultural Network

Forest Management Training

Human Rights Activities

Checking and Editing Land Plot Maps

Campaign to Raise Awareness

Legal Training

Plot Survey with GPS

Community Forest Management Land Map

Educating on Rights and Access to Government Services

Training for Mapping Using 1: 4000 Scale

Empowering Positive Gender Relations

Obtaining Thai Citizenship

Youth Summer Camp

Accessing Local Resources