Community economy promotion (food security) and savings group (VSLA) project

The VSLA model savings group was promoted and the activity was followed. Backyard farming Organization to promote farmers in the target areas for backyard farming By using the limited space for maximum benefit With the following objectives

  1. To reduce expenses And extra income within the family
  2. To produce organic vegetables Safe from chemicals

Saving means saving for future use. When there is a necessary event such as illness or when entering old age Objectives of creating a savings group VSLA

  1. To gather at least 10-25 people within the community who understand each other, to create saving habits and create unity within the group.
  2. To provide members of the VSLA savings group to help each other in need such as making merit / giving support to support each other within the group. There are agricultural activities as follows

Vegetable gardening

Frog farming

Chicken farming

Fish farming

Pig farming

Building a water tank

Training and creating VSLA groups