Citizenship and Related Rights

A resident of Huai Makhliam Village displaying legal residence documents.


In the UHDP focus area of 18 hilltribe communities, an estimated 2/3 of the residents still lack Thai citizenship. Large numbers of undocumented persons are also found throughout northern Thailand. UHDP is assisting affected hilltribe partners to obtain proper registration as well as to meet eligibility requirements related to requesting legal residence, citizenship and related rights. UHDP also supports the efforts of the Palaung and Kachin Tribal Networks.


Assisting residents of Ban Mai Samakhi to process official documents.

Mrs. Clay Nainuan Tribal representatives Submitted to Prayut Chan-o-cha premier.

Cheering on the village team at the 4th Annual Palaung Soccer Tournament.

Litigation related to housing.

Campaign issue policy.