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Upland Holistic Development Project (UHDP) seeks to provide an appropriate Christian response related to rural development among increasingly marginalized hilltribe people in the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Asia.

Executive Director

Upland Holistic Development Project

Job Summary

Define and develop the direction and strategic plan for UHDP together with the management team and the board of directors with the participation of different sectors. Support and manage the operations of the management team and develop the operational guidelines of the management team and the organizational management guidelines according to the organizational framework.

Set up the operational structure, system and process to delegate, provide supervision, follow up, and evaluate the performance of the management team together with the board of directors. Participate in the evaluation of the performance of the center department, program department and the office and finance department as appropriate and apply the findings from the assessment to develop the work system and control the use of the organization’s resources.

Coordinate with the management team, the board of directors, other departments, the partner organization and funding agencies, both in country and international. Research, analyze, organize systems and operational procedures regarding the preparation of corporate fundraising plans and prepare for the annual operational plans and budget plans of the organization. Coordinate with in country and foreign organizations and agencies in matters relating to funding and other resources, including supporting the annual report which consists of quarterly progress reports, six month report and annual report.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Demonstrate a Christian life who grows spiritually according to Christian beliefs.
  2. As a Secretary of the board of directors.
  3. Prepare a fund raising plan, search for funding sources, develop appropriate joint projects and proposing to the funding agencies. Maintain good communication and relationship with funding organizations.
  4. Represent the organization to coordinate and support the operation of UHDP between partner organizations, both in-country and international agencies.
  5. Facilitate for the process of developing the organizational strategies, plans, budgets, activities based on the vision and mission and direction of the organization.
  6. Manage and oversee the operational plan, usage of the budget with transparent, auditable according to international standards.
  7. Coordinate between the board of directors, the funding organizations and the management team in the operation of the organization to be consistent and for the same direction.
  8. Facilitate the preparation of annual reports, present it to relevant parties and as requested by the funding organizations.
  9. Supervise and evaluate the performance of staff from deferent departments and use the findings for staff capacity development plan.
  • Coordinate with staff to create a good corporate culture and atmosphere.
  • As a full-time staff of UHDP working at the office in Tambon Mae Na Wang, Mae Ai, Chiang Mai.

Key Competencies

  • Thai nationality
  • Systematic and Strategic Thinking
  • Relationship & Conflict Management
  • Collaboration & Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Program Development & Learning Process Design
  • People Management (Leadership and Supervisory experience and skills)
  • Communication skills (Thai, English)
  • Understand and experience if Holistic Development based on the human rights-based approach, environmental, economics, spiritual development and related sustainable agriculture development.
  • At least 3 year experience in a director or manager role.
  • Cross-cultural work experience
  • Able to travel to target areas and abroad for 15% or more of the working hours.


Please submit your application and CV to

Contact: 0814812311

Upland Holistic Development Project

121 M.8 Tambon Mae Na Wang, Mae Ai, Chiang Mai. 50280